Infectious disease management must be evolutionary.

We are computational and wet lab biologists working at the interface of evolution, epidemiology, and pathogen biology.

We use empirically derived data on pathogens and their hosts to understand pathogen evolution. This includes integrative analyses of pathogen genetic and phenotypic data, as well as clinical and epidemiological data to study the molecular determinants of protein evolution, host-pathogen interactions and pathogenesis, within-host pathogen diversity, and between-host pathogen epidemiology. We work closely with scientists in other wet laboratories and clinical settings to inform experimental design and acquire primary data. Our research employs a range of computational techniques including modelling of protein structures, molecular phylogenetics, statistical models for quantifying pathogen phenotypes, and mathematical models for broad data synthesis.

Read more about our ambitions in this commentary in Nature Ecology & Evolution. The cartoon on the right is from the article. 

Applied Evolutionary Biology, infectious disease management, the patient loop